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Rare and most wanted

Mercedes Benz 220S Ponton Cabriolet & Coupé

Besides Borgward models, we also restore cars models made by Mercedes Benz, such as the 220S Ponton, Coupé and Cabriolet. These automobile classics introduced a number of technical innovations in car design. With the new integral body and frame, Mercedes waved goodbye to coach construction for the first time ever.

The Mercedes Benz Ponton 220S is a car that demonstrates smart elegance and exclusivity, attributes that weren't just assigned to the old-timer. The Ponton was only built and supplied by Mercedes on order. These automobiles, which were equally rare and high in demand, were manufactured in classic handicraft tradition.


Type Quantity Price
220S Coupé + Cabrio 3429 21.500 DM
220S Cabrio 2178 21.500 DM
220S Coupé 1251 21.500 DM
220SE Coupé + Cabrio 1942 23.400 DM


The cost of a completely rebuilt Mercedes Ponton Coupé starts at about €85,000. The price for a cabriolet starts in the region of €110,000. Restoration work will take about 18 months.