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Customer satisfaction and the highest quality are the core values of our work.

Our restorations are done with meticulous care and focus on quality and sustainability of the car and all spare parts. You profit from our many years' experience and wide and strong network of specialists and providers that we developed through the years. 



Complete turnkey restoration.

For uncompromisingly high quality, your car will be reassembled in detail with all reconditioned or newly procured parts. We pay attention to every single component and concentrate thoroughly on even the smallest details so that you can receive your car turnkey in mint condition, true to the original.

Every customer receives detailed documentation of the restoration, which records every work step on the car in words and pictures.

The continuous exchange is very important to us, which is why we always stay in contact with our customers  and discuss the progress of the restoration.


Of course, we also offer partial restorations such as chassis overhauls, repairs to the brake system or various fixes and maintenance work on the car.



Our specialty is converting Isabella Coupé or Isabella Limousine to convertible.

A specialized certificate prepared  by the TÜV (Automotive GmbH in Garching near Munich) allows us to carry out conversions from closed to convertible according to the system of the company Deutsch.


The sheet metal parts processed by us remain true to the original, beaded quality. We have constructed a special production device for the exact reproduction of the convertible top frames.  Also the door side windows are meticulously recreated at our company.

If you are interested in converting your car into a convertible, please contact us for an initial discussion.


Our many years of experience and concomitant with that our vast network of colleagues and dealers arround the world enables us to offer you spare parts of exceptional quality.

If you have any questions about spare parts, please contact us using the form on the home page.

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